Odyssey Batteries

The Powersports range makes Odyssey’s famous performance and quality available to the small engine starting market. Odyssey’s leading technology and power density is perfectly suited for applications where space and weight are at an absolute premium and durability in harsh condition’s is paramount. This range feature the smaller insert and bolt-thru designs native to the Motocycle, Jet Ski, Snowmobile, Quad Bike and other small engine markets and offer exceptional tolerance to vibrations and mechanical abuse. Due to their sealed design, Odyssey batteries provide amazing safety and mounting flexibility, being able to be installed in any orientation except inverted.

Features Benefits
Ready out of the box Odyssey batteries are shipped fully charged. If Odyssey’s voltage is 12.65V or greater, simply install the battery in your vehicle and you are ready to go!
Superior Cranking and Fast Charge Capability The 5 second cranking power of Odyssey batteries is double to triple that of equally sized conventional batteries, and with simple constant voltage charging there is no limitation on the inrush current, providing faster charge recovery.
Mounting flexibility The Odyssey battery may be installed on its sides at any angle without sacrificing any performance attributes. The sealed design of the Odyssey battery negates the need for an acid vent tube, eliminating the fear of acid burns or damage to expensive chrome or paint.
Worry-free shipping Owing to the drycell design, Odyssey Powersports batteries may be shipped worry-free by Express Service or by Air.
Longer storage life Unlike conventional batteries that need to be recharged every six to twelve weeks, the Odyssey battery can be stored for up to 2 years.
Deep discharge recovery Should Odyssey become deeply discharged, simply recharge following instructions in the Odyssey Owner’s Manual.


Odyssey Powersport Specifications*

Model Voltage CCA
(@ C20)
(in mins)
Terminals Dimensions** (mm)
L – W – H
PC310 12 100 8 9 2.7 – M4 ins + 138 86 101
PC535 12 200 14 21 5.4 + M6 stud – 170 99 157
PC545MJ 12 185 17 18 5.7 – M6 ins + 177 86 132
PC625 12 265 18 27 6 – M6 stud + 170 99 175
PC680-P 12 220 17 27 6 – M6 stud + 170 79 170
ER30 12 450 34 60 9.5 – M6 stud + 250 97 156
ER40 12 500 45 87 12.5 – M6 stud + 250 97 206

*Specifications may charnge without notice **Dimensions are overall maximum and include all handles

Charging Requirements

12-VOLT 14.4 – 14.7 13.5 – 13.7